Approval & Process

Approvals :
  • Approved by Power Grid Corporation Ltd.
  • Approved by ASRTU for Spring steel quality of flats.
  • Approved by BIS for IS 2062 (Structural steel).
  • System Certification by TUV SUD for ISO 9001: 2008
  • Visual Inspection for any surface defects.
  • Swing Grinders for dressing and cleaning of Billet surface before taking it for rolling.
  • Billet cutting into required length by Gas/Chisel.
  • Random sampling for chemical composition either by wet or spectro analysis.
  • 100% test by Meta scope for detection of any mix up in grades.
  • Heat wise/Grade wise stacking & charging of Billets in furnace with separators
  • Dimensional checks during process with go-nogo gauges.
  • Radius gauges for ascertaining Toe / Root radius.
  • Acid etching for checking surface condition of rolled Products.
  • Temperature Monitoring both through Optical pyrometer and Thermocouple installed in furnace for correct
    rolling and finishing temperature.
  • Hardness check of the rolled product.
  • Heat wise stacking of rolled products for further visual inspection & tests.
  • PLC controls for correct individual drives.
  • PLC controls/optical pyrometer for Furnace temperatures.
  • Filler gauges, dip-gauges for setting Roll assembly.
  • Measuring instruments like Vernier Calipers and Micrometer to check product dimension of
    intermediate stands.
  • Light indicators for clearance from QC regarding quality confirmation.
  • Smooth Cooling bed operation to avoid bend pieces.
  • On-line straightening of rolled products.
  • Cutting through flying shear/rotary shear and mechanical shear to get required specific length.
  • Use of Cold gauges, Vernier caliper, micrometer & radius gauges for dimensional checks.
  • Brinell’s Hardness testing machine for hardness test in SS flats/Alloy Steel.
  • Piece by piece, Visual inspection for 100% of Rolled products.
  • 100% spark test and through Meta scope to ensure NO-MIX ups.
  • Tensile test, Bend test, Re-bend test, Ring test wherever necessary through UTM.
  • Grain size, Inclusion rating and Decarb depth through Microscope for SS & Alloy steel products.
  • Identification of Conforming and Non- conforming products by designated color code. Heat wise bundling
    & stacking at identified locations.
  • Each bundles/lot is identified by grade, size and heat nos.
Raw Material
Raw Material
Gas Billet Cutting
Gas Billet Cutting
Size Inspection
Size Inspection
Cooling Bed
Cooling Bed