16 MT/hour Pulverized coal re-heating furnace. This furnace is equipped with Twin Hydraulic pusher, Electro-Mechanized Ejector & energy saving recuperator. The special feature of this furnace is it’s fully automatic PLC controlled with combustion instrumentation system.


460 MM 85 RPM 3Hi, 2 Stand Mill, driven by 1000 HP DC Motor. The Mill has Hydraulic Tilting Tables and Turning walls on both stands and Pneumatic Transfer system from Stand – 1 to stand -2. A single operator controls this roughing mill.


2 Hi, 5 stand continuous mill – one vertical and four horizontal stands. The mill is equipped with variable speed PLC control DC Drives rating 400 KW for within the best composition writing company review.courseworkwriting company stuck tocourseworkhelp if you want tobuy coursework online, find us and feel each stand along with individual gear boxes and Cordon shafts. The PLC Automation system has loopers and Loop Scanner system for ensuring the composition Tension Free Rolling. This mill is controlled by a single operator using Computerized Man-Machine interface-color Graphic control system.


30×6 Meter Rack type fully Automatic cooling Bed. This cooling bed is equipped with three numbers of adjustable hot saws, fixed and cut lengths, adjustments can be made as per customers requirement. All automation and control is through P.L.C.



  • This Automatic and Computer controlled Mill can deliver Rolled Products in close tolerances to cater High Quality Conscious Customers such as Automobile, Bright Bar Industries & TLT Sectors etc.
  • Capability to roll various Grades of Spring steel, Alloy steel, Carbon steel apart from the normal Mild Steel & High Steel Tensile Grades Close controlled pass-design is used to ensure rolling in closure tolerance.
  • Up to 80% of the rolled material can be in fixed length as per customer’s requirement.
  • High rolling speed and controlled furnace temperature ensures superior surface finish.
  • Strap bundling stations are installed for Quality bundling for Flats and Alloy steel rounds.
  • Rack type cooling bed ensures straightness in the finished products.
  • ISO 9001/2008 system have been implemented for assuring consistent better system and Quality.